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What to see in Pistoia with children

If you are in Pistoia, a small and quiet town in Tuscany with your family, you will be amazed by what there is to do and see with children. Pistoia is a city that has always paid particular attention to the little ones, a feature that has earned it the Unicef ​​recognition as a "city friendly to girls and boys" and which has made it export its model of educational services to Europe. Even a simple tour of the historic center will not test the little ones, Pistoia is a cozy city, far from the chaos, which can be easily explored on foot unless you reach specific destinations, such as the Pistoia Zoo or the Pistoia Mountains. If you are thinking of planning a trip or a weekend in Pistoia and you want to discover this beautiful city in the company of your children, you will certainly not regret it. There is certainly no shortage of places to visit and places suitable for children.

A visit to the Pistoia Zoo with children

The Pistoia Zoo is a park with over 400 animals and 7 hectares of extension where the whole family can get close to the knowledge of animals and the different ways to be able to protect them and to live respecting the planet. Founded in 1970, the Pistoia zoo represents one of the main zoological structures in Italy, where you can closely observe the very nice lemurs of Madagascar, and majestic and imposing animals such as lions, tigers, wolves, Asian elephants, giraffes, and brown bears, with spaces they are designed to ensure a high degree of well-being to the animals present and to guarantee visitors an excellent view in a naturalistic dimension. Here children will have the opportunity to meet animals they have never seen up close, to get to know them up close. At the Pistoia zoo children are the most welcome visitors and will be able to participate in many workshops dedicated to them. to stimulate their imagination and enrich their knowledge about animals. It is no coincidence that the mission proposed by the Pistoia zoological garden is precisely to represent a center for increasing public knowledge of biodiversity and its value for human life. And what better way to spread knowledge than starting from the little ones?


An afternoon in the most beautiful parks and gardens for children

The Giardino Volante is the rebirth of a park in Via Degli Armeni and offers play works, here the slides, swings, climbing walls are real works of art. A colorful and completely fenced park where you can spend a few hours letting the children play. In addition, the main games are surrounded by a special anti-trauma colored rubber that absorbs friction in the event of a fall of the little ones. Equally fascinating is the Park of Villa Puccini in Scornio. A large city park where you can find shade and shelter on hot sultry days while walking you can admire the beautiful building that now houses the “Mabellini” music school up to an “enchanted” lake. The heart of the park consists of a small lake with a very small island inside, which all the Pistoian children have dreamed of being able to reach at least once, where ducks, geese and turtles find their home. Ducks and geese roam undisturbed around the pond and be careful not to feed them, there are already those who take care of it.

The other recently renovated city park is Parco della Rana which boasts brand new games and a special fitness area with equipment for training and keeping fit. At the center of the park there is also a kiosk where you can cool off and take a break for a snack for the little ones. There are many opportunities for movement, learning and interaction, especially for the school age group, from 6 to 12 years. An area equipped for skateboards has also recently opened, in the large green space of Roccon Rosso. The Pistoia Skatepark is an important facility both from a sporting point of view and as a meeting space capable of attracting skaters from other neighboring provinces.

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Also Inflatables and Bruco Mela

In Pistoia, children will have a lot of fun in the theme parks with inflatables where they can jump all day! The most famous are Wonder Park, Tanilla’s Park and L’Arca di Noè. Inflatables, games and animations will give the little ones an unforgettable experience. These are facilities that are indoors and with experienced staff to whom you can entrust your children throughout the year for a day full of fun. In the summer, however, a classic that all the children of the city have tried at least once returns to Pistoia. The Bruco Mela is a cute caterpillar that will transport the little ones on an adventure on a small child-proof roller coaster. Going up and then swooping down is a real thrill! The carousel is located in the square near the Parco della Rana, so in one afternoon you can visit both.

Reading for children at Biblioteca San Giorgio

The San Giorgio library in Pistoia has dedicated an entire area to the little ones. Here children can read, socialize, listen to stories, learn new games and travel with their imagination. There are many child-friendly activities organized by the library that boast a busy calendar that is updated monthly where animations, readings, games, exhibitions, puppet and magic shows, films projected in the cinema room and group readings aloud are held . The program of the San Giorgio Ragazzi is really varied and rich, it is possible to meet with friends to talk or to do homework, browse magazines and comics, or take a book or DVD to take home and also offers a workshop in which you can learn english. Turning freely between the open shelves you can find books suitable for various age groups; or you can ask the librarian for help to suggest new readings or a good text for your study. The rooms are divided according to age: they range from the small room, from 0 to 7 years, to the kids room, from 8 to 11 years, up to the Holden area, from 12 to 16 years.

Discovering the Pistoia mountains with children 

Ski, nature, adventure. The Apennines are known for ski resorts, the most suitable for children is La Doganaccia, Abetone is the largest Tuscan ski resort but in general the whole Pistoia mountains offer fairytale landscapes that will leave the little ones speechless and are able to offer a lot to the little ones. The mountains entertain children in winter because they can ski or be carried around on a sled but also in summer because the milder temperatures allow them to move freely and explore nature. For lovers of science and natural phenomena we recommend the Astronomical Observatory of Pian dei Termini, near Gavinana, equipped with two observation domes with two Newtonian telescopes, through which children can observe and learn to recognize the stars. While for the more adventurous it is not to miss the thrill of visiting one of the adventure parks in the area: such as that of Doganaccia or that of Cutigliano, or the very famous Dynamo Camp, for disabled children. And how not to mention the famous Suspended Bridge, a steel bridge that in the past was the only connection available between the two mountain villages in the Municipality of San Marcello Pistoiese, which has now become an unmissable attraction where the whole family can challenge each other. maintains balance for a longer time. Another small and fun adventure for children will be climbing the mountain thanks to the funicular that takes you from Cutigliano in no time to the Doganaccia.




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