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Typical products of Pistoia: where to go shopping

Pistoia is a pleasant city to live and discover step by step also and above all with regard to the rich and varied local gastronomy in addition to typical products. Pistoia and its province boast many quality agri-food products that testify to the excellence of the territory in which they were produced. Imagination, creativity and …

Museums and attractions of Pistoia and Surroundings

Small, easy to get around and less crowded than the most famous Tuscan destinations, Pistoia is a quiet and welcoming city of art: the ideal destination for slow tourism away from mass tourist itineraries. Walking through the characteristic streets and crossing the squares you will discover ancient palaces, museums, churches and treasure chests of art …

What to see in Pistoia with children

If you are in Pistoia, a small and quiet town in Tuscany with your family, you will be amazed by what there is to do and see with children. Pistoia is a city that has always paid particular attention to the little ones, a feature that has earned it the Unicef ​​recognition as a "city friendly to …

Where to eat and where to sleep in Pistoia

Pistoia is a city with an ancient culinary tradition as a welcome for pilgrims and travelers, even today, those who decide to spend a holiday, a weekend, a trip here will be amazed by the variety of culinary offerings to taste and accommodation to sleep in. Starting from tradition, we tell you that many years …

Offerta Speciale PISTOIA MAGIC ..la magia arriva a Pistoia.

 Pistoia Magic porta a Pistoia il meglio della magia italiana, in un unico grande festival di 90 minuti che vedrà alternarsi sul palco generi di prestigiazione completamente diversi tra loro.

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